Friday, April 8, 2016

- Turning back the hands of time ...

Would you go back in time, if you could?

I wonder about that. If only it was as easy to edit a life as it is to edit a blog post or delete a comment. Poof! and it's gone. Then again, maybe not.

In any case, here's a clock hand-drawn counter-clockwise a la Judy Martin ...

Patch #99

announcing my own version of turning back the clock: retrospective posting (with thanks again to Dee Mallon for her notion of retrospective gratitude that first put the idea in my head).

My solution to revising patches (or belatedly writing about them in the first place), is to make note of the new work in a post such as this one, but to actually picture and write about the patch on the blog date that it refers to.

Clear as mud? Here's an example: click here to see a belated post for this past Tuesday, and click here to see an updated post for this past Wednesday.

Time will tell if this will work. For now, I will put a "Retrospective" label on each belated or updated post. To be continued ...